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What if reality
is a stream of change
and nothing more
or less this strange?
Are we really no more
than the sum of our parts?
What ignites our "souls"
or the beat of our hearts?
But then, who is it
that sits behind the voice in my mind
that tells me what to seek
and where to find
True happiness and peace
if they exist
If we exist in the first place
If we are concrete entities
in a lack-lustre time and space
There is no right or wrong
No method in freeing a mind.
There's the idea of a journey
and a path you'll somehow find.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 4 2
The sunlight glints on my scales
It shines in my eyes.
It reflects off my clawing nails,
which dig into the branch beneath me.
If I stand out, I'll die.
I'd make a tasty treat to some.
Or I won't be able to catch what I
must devour to survive.
I am the chameleon
I blend into the world around me.
So many times I've nearly done
something to show you who I am.
But the eyes of the forest sometimes see me.
I feel them watching,
I feel them near me
waiting to strike!
If I stand out, I'll die
So I'll stay hidden.
Forever a secret. Forever a lie.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 6 4
in dreams
You've got that ache in your eyes.
Everyone does.
The hunger to be loved.
Shadows will
show you the truth
Look at how the light changes
on my face
in your heart
You'll see
Where the happiness
resides in the sad
There's no such thing
as good or bad.
There's no such thing
as those things that you thought
What were those illusions
in dreams that you wrought?
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 1 0
The Wheels of Time by Hayleyishayley The Wheels of Time :iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 2 2 Quoth the Raven by Hayleyishayley Quoth the Raven :iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 5 0
Clouds #2
He had been scared to the bone since the beginning of this ordeal, but as the facial features of the fifth hostage became distanced and indistinguishable, the reality of his own mortality slapped Clement hard across the face.  He realised that these may really be the last five minutes of his life.  Panic whirred about his brain and through his body.  His breathing quickened. His heart hammered against his chest.  There was a dizzying feeling of confusion and something else, something unfamiliar, coursing through his blood.  Whether it was simply a rush of adrenaline or something more, Clement would never know.  But somehow, he found a courage inside himself in those last five minutes on the roof of The Pinnacle.  A courage which he had never before experienced.  He had to do something.  There was still time, if only a little, there was room for hope.  He would not resign himself to oblivion as the others had, he would escape this.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 2 6
Clement stood stiffly in his pinstripe suit, wavering on an edge atop the tallest skyscraper in the city.  The wind whipped violently about his chestnut hair and made his eyes squint behind their round spectacles.  While this obscured his vision a little, it did nothing to perturb the reality of the large, brassy and fearsome looking guns that were aimed in his direction.
Had it really only been half an hour since he sat in his makeshift office, in this very building, preparing himself for the day of accounting that lay ahead?  How pleasantly mundane and certain life had seemed, even in that last unsuspecting minute, when unbeknownst to him, the four bandits began their strike.
Clement had been dragged, rather unceremoniously, through the trapdoor of his tiny workspace, on to the roof, along with seven office workers from the floors below, who until now had no knowledge of his existence.  They had all been lined up on the building’s edge, under armed supervisi
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 1 6
A sky of woven ebony,
Where burning with a million lights
The constellations told their tales
Of romances, of fright-filled plights.
The moon caressed in the dark
With icy touch, she gently
Led the lost with chilly light
Glimmering in the silver sea.
And yet, I could not find a way
To go back to where I belong
The path had long abandoned me
And every way I walked was wrong
I will never venture to
escape this night, where I am lost
I'll stay among clematises
Pale and still and caked with frost.

This I thought, this I feared
As I wandered aimlessly
Through glens and fields. I climbed the trees.
My efforts were spent gainlessly.
Suddenly the dark was lit
Looking up I met the sight
A silver tail slashed through the sky.
A woken star, a star of life.
Then steep descending, rapidly
Fell the star as bright as day
And with no sound it came to rest
Near trees about a mile away.
The calls of creatures, large and small,
Were heard from near and afar.
I followed rodents, birds and wolves
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 8 30
Some Things
The judge and the jury
took their last breath.
They had been found guilty
and sentenced to death.
The thief in the night
screamed when he realised
That he always was honest,
even more so when he lied.
The parents were not sad
when their child ran away
they said
'We'll all play together
in the sky someday'
A robot chameleon
had no feelings
no heart.
But on hearing that sentence
the disguise fell apart.
A sparrow looked down on them all
from a height
She knew they were doomed.
She lamented the sight.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 3 7
Steps to Heaven by Hayleyishayley Steps to Heaven :iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 18 9
On a field of pitch black,
A kaleidoscope shines
In the last remembered corners
Of my tire-laden eyes.
It taunts me
It haunts me
as I try to find my way,
dancing all about me,
inviting me to play.
Hopeless dreams are mirrored
in each coloured, spiking swirl.
Promises of riches,
All the beauty of the world.
                  Something is wrong.
Grasp a glowing shape,
   It will elude me.
I try to keep in rhythm,
 The dance changes to exclude me.
Shattered glass blinks miserably
from synthesized facades.
         Perfect, polished surfaces
Erupting rainbow shards.
      Slicing through the head
         And heart
Serves as a solemn token
       Of what life must be now
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 21 8
The Dance of the Immortal Snowflakes
Flakes of white descending,
Slowly, softly
Blanketing, bleaching
Hills and tarmac,
Creating a world
More vibrant.
First of the season,
First of the year.

A mistake that we make,
For ‘tis true
That these snowflakes have waltzed
In centuries before,
When there was no me
And no you.
On an everlasting
Cyclical journey
Through time,
The snowflakes have fallen each year.
To see the Earth change
From the dawning of age
To the place we inhabit today.
They settle to cover
Our messy ambitions,
Our buildings
And structures of grey.
An aim to restore
An old world in the new.
A reminder that nature still reigns.
So remember,
When you view a white washed world,
Mortal influence is not so strong.
Snowflakes were swirling
Before we became,
They’ll be dancing long after we've gone.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 4 7
Hearken not to the words
Of the beauteous, ungodly saint,
Or linger like a swimmer
In coagulating paint.
Sharpest nails scrape the night.
Perfect cuticles in your day dreams.
Torn innocence.
Has all been lost?
There are many things that may be found,
Like insects, wormlings
But that sound...
It infiltrates the sodden ground
To penetrate the coffin bound.
The saint sings on,
Drowning out Nirvana.
So beauteous
yet so ungodly.
Tinkling notes can fill my soul,
but won’t touch it
never touches
Have no illusions
- What you cannot attain
Never truly leaves.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 8 9
White Sky by Hayleyishayley White Sky :iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 11 3 Hobbit River by Hayleyishayley Hobbit River :iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 9 5
Fell out of danger and into your arms.
Trapped in a tower,
I knew my prince would find me.
I would save him too.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 0 0


Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,923 6,951
The Eaters of Light
There is nothing to see.  There is no light here, no color.  It doesn't reach us because they eat it before we can even feel its warmth.  All the light is consumed by their massive bellies and their sharp teeth.
We've tried to stop them and get some of the light, but all we received were scars.  They are great, and we are meek.
Sometimes a small ray blesses our eyes.  We flock to it, but in our own greed, snuff it out under our trampling feet.  Only those fastest few get to embrace it.  Then they die to the jealousy of the rest of us.
We tell ourselves sometimes there is no light, there never was any.  There are no monsters that condemn us to darkness.
Only those who see the light realize though, that there are indeed monsters.  But what we tell in legend are only the brains, while we are the bodies.  We eat the light we adore so much.  We are the monsters.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 3 3
Poem - To Swim
To Swim
I want to swim
far from the shore
there to live
not to expire
one way journey
into the void
in deep depths
where I may lie
temptation’s guile
led me here
a foreign place
not my home
I’ll not regret
perhaps I will
just a little
before I swim
to find my way
I know not where
when I arrive
I’ll be there
leave the land
to not return
to find myself
lost in your arms.
© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160820.
:icongreensh:greensh 1 4
Butterfly Feelings
Butterfly feelings.
Words ticking the back
Of your throat.
But you're too shy
To speak them.
Jittery nerves.
Shaking hands.
Too warm.
Red all over.
Heart pounding
Violently in your chest
Like it wants to jump out
And meet the object
Of this bliss.
This affection.
This love connection.
Eyes meet,
Then look away.
Fingers brush.
Neither knowing what to say.
Words on your tongue
Choking you.
Your breath hitches.
Is your heart still beating?
Scalp tingling.
Then you both look up--
Eyes lock.
Neither can look away.
Hearts sync,
Beating in time.
Hand stretch out...
Yours in mine.
Souls connect.
Lips part,
But not for breathing.
Mouths don't speak
But tongues greet.
Can it be like this
Every time we meet?
~Shalimar A Orion
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 5 2
no words
I once had a vision
dark and disarming
of other worlds
foreign and alarming
my stark revelation
page could not contain
no resolution
for heart and brain
no words exist
with which to begin
unable to console
this candle in the wind
:iconwordturner:wordturner 5 1
I'm looking for a star
that fits inside my rib cage,
but since I can't find it right now,
I will fill my lungs with gasoline,
set them alight with the fire in my eyes
and go as far as I can go
until I burn
I will drive off into the sunset,
far away to places where I could
only reach in my wildest dreams,
look up into the vast night sky
while holding the hands of the
people who are precious to me and
laugh loudly with them as if we were
the rulers of this universe
And one day when I am lying
on my back with burnt lungs,
gasping for just one more breath,
my world will pass before my eyes
and I will realize that I didn't need
a star to live by at all,
but only the sound of my own
beating heart
:iconwindfragments:WindFragments 27 12
My world.
I silently mourn for all the insects
I crush on my daily strolls
Leading everywhere
But nowhere
I feel sorry for all the people
I walk past everyday
I don't even remember their faces
Though I'll never see them again
I would feel bored
But there's no time to be bored
There's no time to be
I feel sad for this waste of my life
But I can't stop
'Cause it's already
A part of me
But if I pause for just one second -
Between the two watch hands
On the train station clock
I can see
:iconatriaclara:AtriaClara 9 18
Death and Disarray
Believe the lie, you’re all so blind
The truth is right in front of your eyes
Sanctified, this skin of mine
As this water is turned to wine
Worth is measured by the fact that you exist
Whether in terrible pain or in heavenly bliss
We are all connected by a single breath
Whether rich or poor, all’s the same in death
Has it been said that you were all dead?
Drink of his blood and eat of his flesh
A flock with no shepherd, you can only be led
But you were cast astray and chose hatred instead
Before the Son, you were undone
Tied only by blood, of this to become
That it took this much to believe you were one
Apartheid of hatred, bound together by none
:iconbarbaroossa:Barbaroossa 2 2
    Wake up late.  Mornings suck.  Happy birthday sung for me early.'re not supposed to go first!  Oops.  Time to get up anyways.
    Friendly faces.  Friendly greetings.  Scary show.  Laundry.  Scary show.  Laundry.  Scary show.  Dang it, cliff-hanger!
    Some family out for lunch with me.  Other family elsewhere.  Mmm, Chinese.  Watch how to fill a car's gas.  Let's window shop!  The good spot's far away though.  We go anyways.
    Looking for replacement things.  That had carcinogens this whole time?  I put my face on that once...  Looking for fun stuff.  Good price; lots of things; quickly taken.  About to buy a thing.  Price is covered as a birthday present.  Thanks mom!
    Time to open a box of things.  A small lottery my sister.  Jubilation for both!  Excitement!  
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 2 8
Zen or Enlightement
My heart is gone...
My hands are bare...
My body shivers in the wind...
My legs are numb...
But nothing hurts!
My eyes are tired...
There's too much light!
I close them and I hide.
My body falls into an abyss
Which is above,
And higher than the sky.
I cease to breathe.
No sign of life...
But I do live!
I am divine
:iconmoonsamurai:moonsamurai 16 24
Meditation by mouse2cat Meditation :iconmouse2cat:mouse2cat 532 52 Grain of sand by J-fire Grain of sand :iconj-fire:J-fire 2 2 The Everlasting King by Unkopierbar The Everlasting King :iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 1,494 167
Cede to Fate
Beware the angel with Nightmarish wings,
His sickle heart has forgot how to sing.
Fear his wrath, and the blade of his scythe,
For the look in his eye is as black as night.
A hatred for life replaced care in his heart,
His only joy: ripping loved ones apart.
Always watching, but never around;
His deathly steps make no type of sound.
Beware the angel with a Nightmarish grin,
His decaying heart overflowing with sin.
Fear His name, which has never been heard,
For the angel declared it a forbidden word.
A scream of anguish replaces His name,
Filling life with all kinds of pain.
Once a warrior of Shibboleth,
Now nothing but the harbinger, Death.
:icontwistedrevolution:TwistedRevolution 1 0
All That's Left
Everything's been given;
There isn't much left,
Clinging to life by one last regret.
Fighting to rise,
But have fallen so far.
Nothing, I fear, could heal these scars.
Dried, worn out hands,
They crack and they bleed.
Burning to bring me all that I need.
With Greed and Envy,
They're blind to the pain.
The human appetite can never be changed.
Grabbing and scraping,
Searching for more,
While red drops, once part of us, fall to the floor.
Continue consuming,
And with all that we take,
No matter how much we give, we can never replace.
Knowledge; acceptance.
We know what we do,
And yet we can't stop, so we just continue.
Fake a smile,
Pretend nothing's wrong.
Take my last regret, so at last I'll be gone.
:icontwistedrevolution:TwistedRevolution 4 9



What if reality
is a stream of change
and nothing more
or less this strange?

Are we really no more
than the sum of our parts?
What ignites our "souls"
or the beat of our hearts?

But then, who is it
that sits behind the voice in my mind
that tells me what to seek
and where to find
True happiness and peace

if they exist

If we exist in the first place

If we are concrete entities
in a lack-lustre time and space

There is no right or wrong
No method in freeing a mind.
There's the idea of a journey
and a path you'll somehow find.
I've been getting more into Buddhism recently and this is a rambling of thoughts inspired by what I've been learning and my confusion in getting my head around some things.
Since I finished uni, I have been very sloppy and unorganised due to the immense amount of freedom I have suddenly been permitted to enjoy.

I am, however, working (very slowly) on some pieces and I shall be posting them in the not too far future.  This includes short stories, which I have recently taken an interest in.
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Hi I'm Hayley. I live in South Wales and study psychology at Glamorgan University :D


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